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It must of been at least a week or more since Bob Lefsetz wrote about Malcolm Gladwell’s (prior Aspen Live Speaker… 2008 dates Dec. 11-13 @ St. Regis, Aspen) new book, “Outliers, The Story of Success”.  Bob talked in his letter about “how he couldn’t put it down.”  He was and is right.  Go pick “Outliers” up today.  It is a great book!  I also believe (haven’t confirmed, but how many Floms who are famous lawyers in NY are there?) there is a whole chapter on our friend Jason Flom’s father, Joe.

I’m in New York this week for the Billboard Touring Conference.  So far in speaking to people attending, the news is not good.  Concert promoters from across North America are saying that sales are down on everything “except slam dunks like AC/DC” (I can’t tell you how many times I heard that exact line on Wednesday).  The news reported the U.S. automaker B.S. as the stock market dipped below 8000.  Michael Moore (prior Aspen Live speaker…2008 dates Dec. 11-13 @ St. Regis, Aspen) is on Larry King right now on my TV giving his solution to Detroit.  He says, give the automakers the money, but make them build what the government tells (hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles, mass transit, etc) them to build, like Roosevelt during WWII (aircraft, tanks, etc).   This is some out of the box economic thinking from a film maker, don’t you think.

We in the live business need to innovate and think more like Michael Moore (will leave the shameless plug out this time).  Since the shit storm seems to be hitting New York and Detroit the hardest at the moment, let’s work on ideas for helping the Detroit Live Entertainment and Branded Live Entertainment businesses.  New York is a lot to take on with a plethora of entertainment options.  Detroit is a better target.

With the doom and gloom hitting Detroit right now, what ideas do you have to help our friends there sell more tickets to more people more often?

BTW, if you are in New York for the Billboard Conference, please come to the Festival Panel at 10:45 am that I’m moderating.  It is a great group of people to ask questions to about big event and festival producing.

Please send me your ideas and talk to you soon…



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