As a follow-up to last night’s LiveWorks Newsletter on technology, let’s talk about data capture.  Currently, the two most common ways we extract information from our customers in live and branded live entertainment is through the data captured during an online sales transaction or “registration”, and/or index cards we hand out at our events (usually with a free magazine subscription or something of the like so we can obtain home addresses, etc) where we ask fans to fill-in their personal information.  The first can only cover half the audience at best (probably closer to 1/4 to 1/3), while the second relies on a lot of work by the customer as well as those collecting the data (the data needs to be inputted).  A great solution, use PDA’s to capture data at our live and branded live entertainment events. 

The concept of using mobile technology to capture data is not a new one.  In fact if you Google it, you will find many companies as well as software that already exist in the space.  Yet the simple fact is, it has not become an excepted form of marketing.  Think about it, you get a technology company or mobile carrier (or both) to sponsor your venue, tour or event.  The company(s) supplies you with the latest and greatest devices for your consumers to “test drive”.  To activate the device, your guest types in their current info…and they get free minutes, or a free PDA with service, or something like that for the fan’s efforts.  The show, venue, device manufacturer and mobile carrier can all share the data under an agreement that it be used properly… and sparingly (no spamming).

By using PDA’s to capture data at our events, we will be….

  1. Giving our fans something else cool to do
  2. Save paper, energy, time, and waste
  3. Creating Branded Live Entertainment opportunities (partnership between entertainment and brands doesn’t always have to be the entertainment itself)
  4. Puts new technology in consumer’s hands (see # 3)
  5. Gives opportunity for mobile carriers to differentiate themselves (see # 3)

There has to be some of you reading this that have already used mobile technology to collect data.  Let us all know how it is going.  I bet you get twice as much data as the rest of us.

Talk with you soon…



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