What is it going to take to make us change our ways in Live Entertainment?  Why do we still do such a bad job at marketing our shows and events?  There are probably hundreds of reasons, but through a little un-scientific research (calls out to some of you) we have identified the 10 most obvious things you can do to improve your Live Entertainment marketing.

  1. WORK ON FEWER PROJECTS – This was the number one answer by far.  You can’t tell a member of the media, fan or anyone else that “this is the greatest show ever” three times a week. 
  2. HIRE MORE QUALIFIED PEOPLE – Lots of talk about “a few good marketers out there… but most are basically paper pushers.”  Fact is, there are very few senior level marketers hired period…forget someone from outside the entertainment world. 
  3. LEARN TO USE NEW TECHNOLOGY PROPERLY – Lots of one way conversations going on in Live Entertainment right now…that would be us spamming our fans.  As marketing guru Seth Godin said recently in one of his blogs, “just because you have someone’s email address doesn’t mean you have the right to email them.”
  4. LOVE WHAT YOU SELL – Marketing starts and ends with the product.  If you don’t believe in the product, how can you sell it to others?
  5. KNOW YOUR MARKET – Many of you brought up the fact that sometimes you just weren’t sure who the audience was for the show…or how to reach the audience even if you knew. 
  6. HAVE A WRITTEN PLAN – Concert promoters, this is not a grid with your ad buys pasted up, but a road map on how you plan to market the show from onsale through doors.  Just having a plan for the onsale and then waiting to see what happens is not a good idea. 
  7. STOP GIVING TICKETS AWAY – It has spread from the concert industry to Ringling Bros.  Set a ticket price and stick with it.  Not sure the show is going to sell, create an “entry level price” in your scaling.  You can always reduce more tickets to the entry level price without hurting your market.  Free, two-for-ones, and the like just train your fans to wait.
  8. GROUP TICKETS ANYONE – Family, sports, and amusement parks do a much better job at this than concerts, comedy and festivals.  Get with it people.
  9. PARTNER WITH YOUR SHOW – The actual show, event, or artist will make the biggest impact communicating with fans directly.  Creating that relationship early on will help you start a dialogue with the fan versus through the filter of media.
  10. PARTNER WITH BRANDS – Just like you, brands are looking for ways to cut through clutter and get their message directly to consumers.  You have a perfect vehicle for them to do that. 

Would love to hear your ideas.

Talk with you soon…



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