Last night I went to dinner with a few industry friends.  At the restaurant, we ran into others.  The conversations were great.  Similar to what we do each December at the Aspen Live Conference.  No crying and bitching over…whatever,  but brainstorming ways to make things better.  Last night was truly inspirational.  It reminded me that we are a business of PEOPLE.   Many of us have known each other and worked together for decades.  If we can all get together all a regular basis, good things will happen!

So, I’m announcing the formation of “THE DINNER CLUB”.   There will be organizers in every city (please email me if you want to be one of the people in your city) to put something together once-a-month at a pizza place or somewhere where everyone can afford, is centrally located, and can pay cash.  We have not picked a location in LA yet, so if you have any ideas please let me know.  The first date in all cities will be Thursday, March 5th

Please pass this newsletter on.  Encourage people to take part….even if they are from other businesses.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Talk with you soon…



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