While at CAA, I had the pleasure of working with Equinox Fitness.  The company’s employees are very loyal, close, and fiercely protective of their brand (with maybe the exception of their Fallon ad campaign…sorry just my opinion).  They are always looking for new ways to set themselves apart from their competitors and service is a part of that mix.  One of the inside jokes with executives in the office is the “Amex Cookie Story”. 

You see, the company’s chairman Harvey Spevak had gone to an American Express event for executives years ago.  He has never forgotten all the little things they did to make him feel welcome… and brings them up from time-to-time as examples for his staff.  The most popular of those stories; the milk and cookies Harvey found on the night stand in his hotel room before he went to bed.  Funny thing is, he even told me the story.  It meant that much.

Yesterday I came home and went through the stack of mail.  There in an invitation size envelope was something from American Express (shit, too thin to be cookies).  Because “The Card” was embossed on the front, I opened it.  Inside was this…

Dear Mr. Lewi,

As a Card member, you are one of  our most valued customers.  We truly appreciate your business and thank you for being a Card member since 1989. 

As always, but especially during these challenging economic times, our pledge is to remain true to our heritage of providing outstanding customer service and product offerings.  For assistance, or to learn more about your Card, you can always call Customer Service at 1-800….

Best wishes for a safe, healthy and succesful 2009.


Jud Linville

They didn’t send an email.  To be honest, although better for the environment, it wouldn’t have made the same impact.  Fact is, it would have probably been ignored even if I signed-up for an email alert.  American Express used recycled materials to print on, which shows they did give some thought to the environment.  Props for them on that level too. 

My point to this, send your customers a Thank You Note.  Make sure you make each person feel like you are speaking directly to them vs. sending a form letter (thank you for being a member since 1989).  By going the extra step, you may become Harvey’s next “Amex Cookie Story”.

Speak with you soon…



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