Albertsons’ grocery stores have been running ads for their new 4:15 Dinner Plans (Dinner for 4 for under $15 dollars).  This is a great program!  It’s easy for consumers to understand; and on a busy schedule, a great way to help shoppers make purchase decisions not only on where to shop, but what to shop for.  Couldn’t we do the same thing in Live Entertainment?

Six Flags amusement parks are trying with “buy one day’s admission and get the entire year for free.”  Although the right thought (Disney and Universal Parks do the same) Six Flags is closing-in on Chapter 11.  What are they doing wrong???  It must be customer experience!

Go to a Six Flags park and you will understand their problems immediately….as soon as you get to the front gates.  Why are there lines to take people’s money?  Those that should be the most well trained…the staff that first makes contact with guests, are holding everything up by not knowing how to work the equipment properly or understanding what consumer’s options are… and don’t care how long you have been waiting.  From there you can go to food selection and price, chewing gum stuck everywhere on every ride, and employees that either didn’t want to be there or were more interested in picking up the opposite sex than doing their jobs. 

I do believe Live Nation has a program where music fans get  tickets, hot dogs, and drinks for one price…but don’t believe they run those promotions until a show is in trouble (I could be wrong).  We all have some homework to do.  There is no reason the Live business should be out promoted by grocery store chains.  Let’s hear some of your ideas.  Promotions that are easy for fans to understand, fit into their busy schedules…and of course don’t cost a lot.  Maybe instead of the 4:15 plan, we go up to  4:20!!!

Speak with you soon…



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