One of the negative sides of advanced technology is less human interaction.  Every great salesman will tell you that you can’t sell anything over an email.  Things get lost in translation.  Phones are better, but you can’t see the other person’s body language…which can help a lot in building a relationship.  That is what our “Dinner Club” is all about.

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, putting people together causes things to happen.  Ideas are sparked, deals are made and new relationships formed (or old friends reunited).  As attouney Gene Salomon said at our last dinner, “this is really going to catch-on”.  Gene is right as we add Boston to our list of cities hosting dinners. 

Each meeting starts promptly at 7:30 pm and all are asked to please bring cash (and friends) as 40 credit cards are usually not appreciated.  We try and choose locations that are affordable for all. 

LOS ANGELES – LOTERIA GRILL (patio) – 6627 HOLLYWOOD BLVD – LA – (323) 465-2500

NEW YORK – ACME BAR & GRILL – 9 JONES STREET (between Broadway & Lafayette), Greenwich Village – (212) 420 – 1934

ALL OTHER CITIES – Please email me…Boston and Austin locations will be announced soon.

So you can sit at home by yourself and watch your favorite Thursday TV shows or you can come be a part of something fun…that can help your career, and those of your clients and friends.  Just ask anyone that goes to the Aspen Live Conference

Speak with you soon…



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