Many years ago, I received a cherished gift from Nikki Wheeler’s (UTA music agent for those of you who don’t know her) Dad.  If you have ever visited my office, you may have seen the mini-statue of the Lincoln Memorial on my desk.  The crazy thing is, Mr. Wheeler is “from the land of Lincoln” and had no idea how much the President meant to me…shaped my beliefs…actually did a whole tutorial on him in college, etc.  I just hooked Mr. Wheeler up with lift tickets or something like that (I honestly don’t remember) when my family was still living in Aspen.  He wanted to give a gift (classy guy) for the effort.  Since that day, Mr Lincoln has sat on my desk.  Whenever I’m thinking my life is hard, I look over at President Lincoln.  Whatever is going on couldn’t be as bad as blaming yourself (as many biographers say Lincoln often did) for a civil war, countless lives lost, and a country divided. 

After Lincoln’s assasination…as the Civil War came to an end, General Robert E. Lee, Commander of all Confederate Forces wrote that he had serendered as much to Lincoln’s goodness as he had to Grant’s armies.  This one sentence has always moved me.  Someone who led forces against Abraham Lincoln’s government was talking about how the man’s goodness pushed him to peace.  This is a great story to pass on to your friends and family as we all celebrate the birth of our country.  It is people like Robert E. Lee and Abraham Lincoln that make me proud to be an American.

Happy 4th Everyone!



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