My friend Jolene Pellant sent me an email today with a link to  She wanted me to see “Walt Disney’s 8 secrets to success” that they had written about.  Jolene knows that Walt is one of my business heroes and always believed that experience was most important.  Here are Walt’s secrets that you might want to work into your daily life.

1)      Provide a promise not, a product: The Walt Disney brand certainly delivers that.  From the moment Disney started the focus was always on the “experience”.

2)      Always exceed customer’s expectations: As stated in the last newsletter, over-delivering can be a cheap and effective marketing technique.  Going over budget to make the experience wow your guests one year might save you a lot of money in marketing dollars the next.

3)      Pursue your passion, and the money will follow: You may know that Walt went bankrupt several times building his dreams.  Work on labors of love and the profits won’t be far behind.

4)      Stay true to your company’s mission and values:  As it says on, “Walt Disney was famous for saying; I hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse”.   

5)      Differentiate your offer: Six-Flags are amusement parks.  Disney Land and Disney World are theme parks…actually “Resorts” complete with themed hotels and restaurants. 

6)      Lead by example and delegate: Walt was the original artist for Mickey Mouse.  He was also the man would ran the studio, sold the pictures to movie houses, cut distribution deals etc.  As the company got bigger, Walt hired the right people to take over those jobs. 

7)      Defy convention: Don’t listen to critics and those that can’t follow your dreams.  Everyone thought Walt was crazy when he purchased thousands of acres of swampland in central Florida.  Now, not so much.

8)      Leave behind something to grow: Just think about how much the Walt Disney Company has diversified since Walt’s death. 

Sure there will only be one Walt Disney, but it doesn’t hurt to try to emulate the best.  If all you are looking at is cutting budgets, stop.

Speak with you soon…



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