If you have children of a certain age, they probably watch the Disney Channel.  One of the messages the network is getting out to kids…kind of like Disney’s version of a PSA, is to never stop following your dreams.  You too could be the next… well whatever.  Disney uses their young stars to make the point.  We big kids need to remember this too.  Ever feel like you are in a rut?  Doing the same thing day-after-day. 

You must try.  You O.K. living with the status quo?  Was that really your dream growing up?  Is it now?  When you get a minute, sit-down and right 5 dreams/goals you hope to accomplish in your life…then start working backward.  Get knocked on your ass (I just did)…at least you tried.  Dust yourself off and try again.

Keep Dreaming!



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