A recent Brandweek had a short article from Robert Klara on the strength of ice cream sales this year.  Klara explains “The National Ice Cream Retailers Association recently told Time that some of its members hit sales spikes of 25 percent over last year.”  We are now competing with ice cream shops for consumer’s entertainment dollars. 

I have a friend in LA that owns his own ice cream shop in the Valley…Dandy Don’s.  The guy makes a cookies and cream that tastes like you are eating the real thing (cookies and cream) rather than ice cream.  Anyway, Don and I went for a walk the other day and he says his sales are strong too.  This is a state with 12% unemployment

We must find ways to emulate what the ice cream business is doing…changing flavors to keep-up with consumer demand and keeping prices reasonable.  Speak with any promoter or producer and they will tell you for the most part, if the show is priced right and there is a demand, it will sell.  Maybe we change the model?  How about going into business with the buildings and ticketing companies to create more revenue streams? Of course this would mean lowering or doing away entirely with performance guarantees.  Maybe it is time to start investing and betting on ourselves!

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