A few years ago my cousin Annie turned me on to  Goldstar is a discounting ticketing company…of sorts, but only markets to its members.  Last week I got to sit-down with their head of Venue Relations Wendi Lebow to talk about their business.

It seems that the music industry is the slowest catching on to how great Goldstar really is.  Many managers and agents feel that if Goldstar has tickets for half the price of what a regular ticket costs, the consumer will just purchase from Goldstar.  That’s not how it works though.

You see, everyone who becomes a member of Goldstar is looking for a deal…or to be informed.  These are consumers that wouldn’t normally go to your concert, theatre performance or sporting event…but become aware of it through Goldstar.  To many of us, Goldstar actually helps sell full-priced tickets since the company markets to members based on their previous purchases and preferences.  Really they are the Amazon of ticket sales. 

Please let me encourage all of you to find ways to work with Goldstar.  You don’t have to give them every seat to sell…and can always add more if you need to.  The reality is that Goldstar is as much of a marketing tool as it is a ticket membership discounter.  Start working with them before your show goes on-sale and watch what happens.  Theatre and sports have had a lot of success working with them…and you can too.

For more information on Goldstar you can visit their website or hit me with an email and I will put you in-touch with them as Jamie Loeb from Nederlander did for me (she is a big fan too).

On another note, we are weeks away from the Aspen Live Conference and have gotten our special rates at our host hotels extended.  Please write or call for more info.

Speak with you soon!



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