Reading the Ad Age “Small Agency Issue” a few weeks ago, I came across one of the featured company’s philosophies about advertising.  The article said that the agency adopted this philosophy from a quote from a corporate executive (I think it was the CEO of Home Depot but not positive).  To paraphrase (since I don’t remember the exact quote), “advertising is an interruption…so if you are going to crash the party, better be opening a bottle of Champagne”.  Is that what your advertising does?

Let’s face it; our business’s marketing practices still suck!  We are announcing our events and then hoping that consumers will care.  What we should be doing is explaining what’s in it for the guest!  What will their experience be…how will their lives be made better.  You can announce shows that sell themselves.  Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer layups out there. 

From here forward, try opening a bottle of Champagne when you interrupt.  Explain what benefits your guest will get if they purchase a ticket.  Remember that purchase decisions are mostly based on emotion rather than hard facts.  Give everyone a reason to pay attention.

Finally, speaking of paying attention, “Super Early Bird Registration” closes a week from Wednesday, August 31st for the 16th Annual Aspen Live Conference (Dec. 8-11…most travel on 7th).  Right now you can register for only $100.  Our host hotels have amazing rates available…as well as rates on ski and board rentals, lift tickets, and more.  For non-skiers/riders, check-out all the non-mountain activities as well as other vital information, registration, etc, @  Also you can join the discussion about meeting topics, speakers and other events @!/aspenlive.  Don’t be left out another year, register for Aspen Live today!!!

Hope to see you all soon!




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