About a week ago I went to the Wiltern Theatre in LA to check-out these signs being used outside events to promote upcoming shows.  Think about the “sign spinners” on the side of the road advertising real estate.  In fact, the founder of Point Media Live, Angelo Giuliano, comes from an advertising and real estate background. 

Here’s a link to their Facebook page so you can see for yourself, but to truly understand their effect, you need to go and witness the reaction guests have. 

The signs are interactive with guests calling out the names of the acts…identify themselves as going to the show…or at least a fan of the bands’.  At the same time they aren’t intrusive like advertising or handing someone a flyer…don’t pollute or hurt the environment (like flyers do), last for the in-out and during the event to give you sustained marketing, have a person attached who can talk about what’s being advertised…and garner a lot of attention. 

This is another great sales tool brought to my attention by Nederlander‘s marketing goddess, Jamie Loeb.  If you haven’t tried this service yet, you should give Angelo a call.  My only suggestion (one Angelo and his team are in favor of), have a point of sale next to Point Media’s signs so you don’t miss an impulse buy.

You can also hear and see more on Angelo and his company Dec. 8-11 at the 16th Annual Aspen Live Conference.   You can register today @

Hope to see you soon!



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