News reports say 2011’s holiday shopping season opened with the biggest weekend in history. The factors include deep discounting (mostly loss leaders to get consumer traffic) and longer store hours.  The biggest driver for this weekend’s sales, the retailers made shopping an event.

It felt, at least to my kids, that if they didn’t participate in Black Friday, they were missing something. So the 14-year old was out by 3:30am and the 12-year old waited to 6:00am.  Both would do it again.  Did you have a Black Friday sale for your events?

Cyber Monday is tomorrow.  Ticketmaster is participating…so are many ticketing and music sites…are you?

Do you remember McDonald’s Gift Certificates?  They were the ultimate stocking stuffer and my brother and I looked forward to having “Santa” deliver them every year.  Do you have gift certificates?  Apple does with the iTunes Gift Card and they have created the new ultimate stocking stuffer…except it’s available all year…at the grocery check-out, 7-Eleven, and Wal-Mart.  Why is a computer company continuing to lead the way in music innovation?

Watching football, Fox just ran a commercial for the Lexus “Season To Save Event”.  Do you have a Season To Save Event…or is your brand too precious for sales?

We must become relevant to consumers again.  It isn’t as complicated as we pretend it is.  There are very few shows that sell-out…recorded music that sells millions (CD’s or downloads)…or merchandise that retailers can’t keep on the shelves.  This can change.

Watch what others do and copy them.  It is at least a start. 

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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