Happy New Year!  Thought a good first newsletter for 2012 would be lessons I learned at the Aspen Live Conference in December.  Everything, as always comes down to marketing.  Thanks to all our guests, speakers and moderators for sharing. Special thanks to Scott Tobias from Village Voice Media, Nathan Hubbard at Ticketmaster, and Nic Adler from the Roxy and Sunset Strip Music Festival for providing much of the content below.   

  • Tickets are selling much closer to a show’s play date.  How do we change this? 
  • We need to go where the fans are (Facebook, Twitter, Chat Rooms, and even malls)…then listen…and respond.
  • Mobile – This segment will continue to double (at least) each year. 
  • Be Transparent – Even giants like Ticketmaster are seeing that conversion from click-to-sale is much higher.
  • At the same time, “all-in” or “one-price” ticketing is the future (e.g. Anaheim Ducks went “all-in” and saw a 56% increase in sales)
  • Be Authentic – And don’t try to appeal to everyone.
  • Facebook is your friend.  Test and measure your returns. 
  • Cooperation vs. Competition (supporting the community).
  • Bots are getting a vast majority of the good seats in the first few minutes of an on-sale. This isn’t good for anyone but scalpers.
  • On average, 30% of inventory goes unsold.
  • Ticketing Insurance…think travel insurance.  What happens if a fan buys a ticket then finds out they can’t make it?  This is very smart.
  • Build Bridges Not Walls – This goes along with cooperation, transparency, listening…well everything. 
  • Bricks-n-Mortar – Ticketmaster sold a lot of tickets @ Wal-Mart.  Look what Apple did for retail…and retail did for Apple.
  • Leverage Data –Know who your fans are, what they like, where they shop…info is the way to win. 
  • ROI…Return On Energy – Return on energy is what Nic Adler from the Roxy uses to measure the efforts his team puts into their social media campaigns. 
  • Embrace New Technology – This doesn’t mean to jump-in without a plan.

There was plenty more you can find out from any of the Aspen attendees.  Next December we will video tape our sessions for those that can’t make it…but you should find a way to make it.   


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One Response to “LESSONS FROM ASPEN”

  1. D Says:

    -Tickets are selling much closer to a show’s play date. How do we change this?

    Put the tickets on sale 4-6 weeks before the show instead of 6-9 months?

    -Bots are getting a vast majority of the good seats in the first few minutes of an on-sale. This isn’t good for anyone but scalpers.

    There has to be a better way than they do this currently. Bocking IP addresses only hurts the legitimate buyers as the bots have 1000’s if not 10’s of thousands of IP’s. Releasing them later doesn’t help because they are most likely checking a lot more often than the fan. Selling them at the door on the day of only hurts those who bought ahead of time.

    How about blocking IP’s from out of state for 10 minutes after the start of presales? Doing away with presales??

    I would ask though, does TM really want to do away with the bots getting the best seats? They know how much they sell for on Ticketsnow and subsequent tours they know how much to price the tickets for. Even when the face values aren’t going up per se, the price of the VIP packages or Platinum tickets are, and they are getting dead on in their pricing.

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