Live Entertainment Advertising

Do you think live entertainment advertising and marketing creative materials makes a difference?  

Lori (my wife) and I were watching TV a few weeks ago when a Harlem Globetrotters spot came on.  I asked her what she thought compared to the other commercials that ran during the same break.  Lori’s gut reaction, “does it matter?” 

Well of course it matters, doesn’t it? Next I asked Lori if she thought Apple’s ads matter. She said that “Apple is different”.  Why?  According to what I read, it was a TV commercial “1894” (along with their products of course) that really put the computer maker on the map.  Today, their ads touch an emotional chord with fans and non-fans alike…and so should ours!

Watch and listen to movie trailers (TV, Radio, etc) like this .  They are well done, explain what the viewer will see (action, drama, suspense), how they will feel (romance, fear, fun), what they will do (laugh, cry, cheer), and what they will hear (music, laughter, sound effects).  In theatres and the web where there is a captured audience, studios let their products do the talking for them

For the most part, live entertainment ads are more like announcements that are supposed to inform guests with the who, what, and when…rather than what the guest may actually experience .  Check-out Disney’s simple video on their site  Guests are experiencing the brand in Times Square. 

We don’t need the budgets of Disney or the movie studios to create great creative.  Instead just think of the fan…what do they want…then give it to them.


A mutual friend of many of us owns a successful Social Media company.  I asked for advice on how to make the newsletter, twitter feeds, etc, better.  “Write more… and find your voice” were the two big things I took away.  So expect more newsletters in your inbox as we work to find our voices together.


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2 Responses to “Live Entertainment Advertising”

  1. Steen Says:

    Quite frankly we don’t have the budgets for anything more than who what when where why…
    Our vendors could do more to create them if we had the resources to pay them more but entertainment advertising is taken from the show budget and u ask urself…do I get an ok spot and spend the amount it takes to create a GREAT spot on well more ads/impressions?

    • jimlewi Says:

      I respectfully disagree on budgets. Most larger tours carry amazing video systems. It is easy to hit record during rehearsals…then recut once there are a few shows under their belt. The ads are crowded with sponsors, information not really needed, music beds with new songs fans don’t know. In most businesses, 10% – 25% of their annual income/budget is reinvested in marketing. In live entertainment, it is closer to 5%…in many cases lower. Even if we were to stay at 5%, we can still do better.

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