For years, I’ve tried to get many of you reading this to attend the Aspen Live Conference  Each year, we have 3-simple goals… 1) You connect with at least one new business friend; 2) You reconnect with someone you haven’t done business with for years; 3) You come home with at least one new idea that you can immediately implement to help your business grow. 

Seth Godin (everyone’s favorite marketing genius) always has words of wisdom in his blog.  He writes every day, which is one hell of a commitment, and the knowledge he shares is always worth reading.  You should sign-up for his daily blog, read his books and if you have the time and money, attend one of his lectures/classes (he is speaking @ Pollstar this year).  Even if you don’t see yourself as a marketer, you are. 

Here’s a link to Seth’s blog from today It is about connections…which speaks to why you should attend Aspen.  Don’t ski or board and think there is nothing for you?  Half our group is just like you.  This year’s dates are December 13-16.  We have two host hotels, The St. Regis, Aspen and the Limelight Hotel and our room rates are insanely great.  Don’t wait, register today. 


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