The concert business is different.  Can you think of another industry where one side (promoter) takes a majority of the risk for a minority stake in profits?  And once the promoter agrees to all the artists’ wants, the artist (and/or reps) turns around and says “I hate you”.  Maybe not literally, but the relationship is usually tenuous at best.

Why don’t we all try something new this summer?  What if we work as an industry to improve things…get consumers to go to more than one concert a year?

Kid Rock and Live Nation have shown that it can work.  Many who probably weren’t planning on going to Rock’s concerts will…it is a great price…outdoors…includes food.

Stop looking at every deal as a battle.  Work in partnership with promoters, artists, venues, ticketing agencies, managers, agents, etc.  Let’s see how many tickets we can sell this summer. The above list of players certainly have plenty of marketing weapons in their arsenals.

Don’t be a fighter…


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    something along these lines was once said in a big session at Pollstar. It was more like if we all get our hands out of each others back pockets and work cooperatively we would probably make more money. The room quieted for a beat or two – and then erupted in laughter….’cause it’ll never happen.

  2. Brian Swanson Says:

    Last time I put down my boxing gloves I got fired. It doesn’t make what you say untrue, but it requires a collective effort to make that happen. And one weak link in that chain, born of opportunism no doubt, and it all crumbles. I’ll happily march that flag up the hill but I’d expect to never make it to the top before someone puts a knife in my back to make an extra fifty cents.

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