I’m a fan of Sinead O’Connor (hell O’Connor is my Mom’s maiden name).  When she broke on her first record, people had never heard a voice quite Sinead’s. Recently as most of you are painfully aware, Sinead wrote an open letter to Miley Cyrus, and ended up tearing down all of us in the music business…and especially men. That’s like saying all plumbers’ smell (everyone who listens to radio in LA knows that’s not true, Mike Diamond is the “Smell Good Plummer”). Not every man working in music is selling sex.

It seems to me that Miley is in control of her career and knows exactly what she is doing.  A manager’s, agent’s, label exec’s, publicist’s, lawyer’s, business manager’s job is to take the vision of the artist and make it reality.  If they disagree with direction, maybe they can bring it up a few times, but once too often and they will all find themselves out on the street.

No, Miley made the call on the image and direction for “Wrecking Ball” and believe she does respect herself (Can you say Madonna?). No one in their right mind working on Miley’s team would tell her to dress like a bear on the VMA’s and “twerk”. At the same time, it is their job to support her and I would do the same thing.

When tweeting (follow me @jimlewi) and posting (friend me @ https://www.facebook.com/jim.lewi) about Miley’s performance on Saturday Night Live…it was very good… more than a few of you thought my accounts had been hacked. That’s funny!  If you go back and watch, you will see Miley can sing…and act.  She was better than most of the hosts they have on the show…and cast too.  Didn’t act nervous…not even a little.  So Miley likes the way Sinead cut her hair in the video for Prince’s “Nothing Compares To You”.  That doesn’t mean you have to “mother” her…and certainly doesn’t mean you should put down everyone that works in the music business. There are very few of us on the other side of the mic that have “yacht money”.  Maybe a couple… Sinead must be thinking of Jay and B.  Most of us do it because we love the job…the music…working with artists.  As Lefsetz has pointed out many times, if you want to make a lot of money, you go into banking…NOT music.

Sinead if your vision, image and directions involves putting down those that work in music business…and I was your manager, I would support you.  For now, I’m offended.


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