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March 26, 2014

The concert industry is small. Kick around long enough and you run into everyone.  You may have never met face-to-face but you know their name, their work, their rep.  And when it comes to top touring people (tour managers, production managers, accountants, designers, etc.) the list gets even smaller.

One of the biggest names on the road for the past 30-years has been Robert “Mo” Morrison…and a mentor, friend and brother to me for the last 20.  I, like many of you, have been lucky enough to work with Mo on some of the biggest shows around and he has always managed to do the job with a big smile (no matter how tough things got). Some of my favorite “road warrior” stories have Mo in them and usually involve breaking some rule to make things “right” (e.g. the “god pass” at Woodstock ’99).

Mo’s career spans iconic artists and events from Grateful Dead, to Britney and Gaga, the Olympic games…and all the early HBO concert specials.  Even if you don’t know him personally, you know his work and have probably been moved by it somehow.

So, if it is okay, I would like to ask a favor of you.  Would you please send positive energy Mo’s way? He is sick…battling for his life…and sick is winning.

If you know Mo, please reach out. Tracy Williams (travel agent to the stars) has setup a way for all of us to send a message. Please see below from Tracy and thanks!

“I’m putting together a gift called SpeakSake ( for Mo to say we’re “Thinking of you.” You’re invited to be a part of the surprise! It will only take a couple minutes of your time. All you need to do is call the phone number below and leave a message for Mo

Your message will be recorded onto an audio CD as part of a collection of voice messages.

Please forward this message to anyone you think would like to say we’re “Thinking of You” to Mo — friends, family, coworkers, etc.

The last day the phone line will be available for you to leave a message is:

Thursday, April 10th

3 Easy Steps:

1. Dial: (641) 715-3365

2. At the prompt, enter: 57862 followed by the pound (#) key

3. Follow the recorded instructions: Leave your message (make sure to let Mo know who’s calling), and then hang up

What to say in your message

You can say whatever you want — just have fun! Your message can be long or short — whatever you feel like!

Some ideas:

— What are your favorite memories of Mo? How about a joke or stories that would make him laugh?

— What do you appreciate or love about Mo?

No matter what you do, he will appreciate that you took a moment to say hi. Be yourself, and have fun!



December 21, 2013

Had to cut and past Seth Godin again…please read below.  Kind of exactly what Lefsetz has been saying. How noisy are you?

BTW, stay-tuned to the LiveWorks Newsletter over the holiday break for info from the Aspen Live Conference, 2013.

Noise-tolerant media

Twitter is the noisiest medium in history. Do you actually believe that Taylor Swift has 33,000,000 million (and counting) people eagerly waiting for her next tweet, ready to click on whatever she links to?

In fact, less than one in a thousand people who ‘get’ one of her tweets will click. Most of the 33 million won’t even read it, making the word ‘get’ worthy of quotation marks.

And yet Twitter works just fine at this level. That’s because it immerses the user in waves of media, a stream of ignorable content that people can dip into at will. More noise makes it better, not worse. 

Email was wrecked by many marketers for many people, because email isn’t structured for noise. Noise is the enemy. Instant messages, because there is no easy accessible API, isn’t overwhelmed, but it too is noise-intolerant. Texts you don’t want to get are a huge hassle.

The simple rule is that the easier it is to use a medium, the faster it will become noisy, and the noisier it is, the less responsive it is.

You can play at Facebook and Twitter, and make them work. But they will only work if treat them like a cocktail party, as an opportunity to eavesdrop and layer general connection and value and insight. No, it’s not an ideal direct marketing medium. It’s a metropolis.




November 26, 2013

Our good friend Jay Marciano has added CEO, AEG Live to his title.

According to a press release, Marciano will take over the day-to-day running of AEG Live while continuing his responsibilities as COO, AEG corporate.

John Meglen is named President of Global Touring, Paul Tollett, CEO, Goldenvoice and Shawn Trell, COO.  All will report to Jay.

No word yet on where Randy Phillips will land. Wishing him and the AEG team all the best.  Know Randy personally?  Reach out and show your support.

Please sign-up for Aspen Live as we still have only 24 spots available… Incredible program and mid-season snow.  Don’t ski/board…more than half the group doesn’t.


November 11, 2013

Industry icon, friend, beloved agent (always nice when you can use those two words together), and mentor, are just a few words people in music use to describe Steve Martin.  Steve resigned last week as President, N.A., at The Agency Group in NY.

No word yet on where Steve will be headed but this week’s Billboard Touring Conference should be like the NFL free agency for him.  I will be playing the part of Jerry McGuirge.  Blind bidding will commence on Friday.  You can send them to me.

Regardless, wishing Steve nothing but the best.  You will never find a more loved and respected person in our industry. Break a leg Steve (not a knee though)!!!


October 29, 2013

Godin isn’t even in the music business, yet his passion for music, marketing, teaching, and sharing continues every day…which is amazing in itself (posts every single day).  If you haven’t signed up for his daily blog, you should. Please read below.  Obviously inspired by Lou Reed’s passing…and more importantly what Lou’s music meant to so many musicians.

1,000 bands

Brian Eno possibly said that, “the first Velvet Underground record may have only sold 1,000 copies, but every person who bought it started a band.” [*]

It certainly wasn’t a bestselling album, but without a doubt, it changed things.

The scarcity mindset pushes us to corner the market, to be the only one selling what we sell.

The abundance alternative, though, is to understand that many of us sell ideas, not widgets, and that ideas are best when used, and the more they get used, the more ideas they spawn.

Kevin Kelly has inspired 10,000 companies, and Shepard Fairey, a generation of artists.

How many bands will you inspire today?



October 15, 2013

Sometimes it is hard to do the right thing.  For instance, for just a minute, put yourself in the shoes of Charlie, Charlie and Charles at C3 Presents.  You have had one extremely successful weekend with the Austin City Limits Festival…and closing out the second weekend, you have to cancel the final day…the night before!

Imagine having to make that call…or should we say, 1000 calls.  Every manager, agent, tour and production manager…the press, vendors, crew, staff, city…deliveries that need to be stopped, guests that need to be informed…hotel rooms, ground transportation, REFUNDS, etc.  Yet for the C3 guys, I’m betting there was never a question.

It is easy to say they had insurance, but who really knows.  Weather insurance is not only crazy expensive, you have to say when the storm is coming and how much rain will fall.  Maybe with all they do, they have a special policy…it doesn’t matter.  C3 was protecting their brand, the fans and the bands.  Doing the right thing.

Most might wait and see what the next day brought.  Not C3 Presents, they did the right thing. Nice job guys and congratulations on another great event.

See the storm’s aftermath here.

You can decide if they made the right call.




October 13, 2013

In a perfect world, we would put our shows on-sale and they’d sellout. In reality, with few exceptions, that’s not what happens…and one reason why I’m part of the Goldstar team.

Goldstar’s mission is to get members to go out more…try new things…while helping partners sell every seat in the house.  And that’s what CEO Jim McCarthy’s new blog is all about, “Selling Out”.

Jim said “we’ve launched this site as a resource and tool for everybody whose job is to create, market or manage live entertainment. I’m your host, and I’ll write some things. We’ll also have guest contributors and links to useful info and articles elsewhere, and hopefully you’ll participate, too. If we do this right, we’ll all learn from each other.”

Please go to  Sign-up to receive the blog via email…and if you have something to share, do that! I’ll see you there!