Make It Easy To Say Yes!!!

Selling tickets to events still comes down to the basics; what’s the show, whens the show, where’s the show, and how much does it cost to go.  All of the above factors into a fan’s perceived value of the event.  Any of you who still buy tickets to shows (and even those that don’t) know that it could be your favorite show, playing a Saturday night at a reasonable ticket price, and if it is at a venue in the wrong part of town, you aren’t going.  It is packaging, just like the lineup. 

Making it easy for consumers to say yes to buying a ticket during down economic times (and good) comes down to always thinking of the audience first in that packaging process!!!  We must address fan’s concerns about ticket price, ticket surcharges, venues, seating (or no), access to good seats, parking, food and beverage choices and price, employee training, security, long lines (a true enemy for all), talent line-up, marketing, communications, transportation (especially for those underage), under 21-shows, and more.   If we do, we will be “recession proof”.  Everyone is looking for an escape right now. 

We have to start somewhere, so if the live business concentrates on ticket prices first instead of guarantees, we would be moving in right direction.  A ticket price in the “right room” will give you your gross potential that leads back to a guarantee.  And please don’t use that gross potential as an excuse to play rooms that are too big for your show.  Better to underplay the market and leave people wanting more than playing to a half empty room.

Bring the whole community into the process with you (talent, fan, venue, promoter, ticketing agency, media, sponsors, etc).  In sports before the start of a new season, many athletes will have “retreats” with their core team of sponsors, agents, managers, etc.  The idea is for everyone to be pulling in the same direction when the season starts. 

The Live Business needs to look at packaging all of our assets together to make it easy for fans to say yes.  We will certainly be having one of the “retreats” I mentioned above at the Aspen Live Conference December 11-13, but encourage all of you to find ways to get together on your own if you can’t make Aspen.

Talk to you soon…



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