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April 26, 2011

My whole family’s favorite show is Family Guy.   We even let our 11-year old watch.  If you are one of the few who haven’t seen the show, you must.  It is the funniest most creative show on television.  In fact, you should start watching a lot of TV (if you don’t already) these days as that seems to be where the creativity is.  Just look at how many shows from TV have turned into live events and tours (Glee, Idol, Dancing w/the Stars, X-Games, Hanna Montana, Cheetah Girls, etc)Selena Gomez star of Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place is doing good business in the sheds this summer but paid her dues doing a TV show rather than banging it out on the road.

As a network, Fox seems to be more open to extending their brands off the small screen than others.  But as it relates to Family Guy, all the shots are called by Seth MacFarlane, the show’s creator, writer and star.  Seth is a creative genius who uses animated characters to say things most of us think.  He pushes the envelope and we should all be trying to not just emulate what he is doing, but to get Seth over to the dark side…live entertainment.

In the past, Seth and company have done a few “Family Guy Live” events…but just a few.  They were instant sell-outs.  Trying to get an opening in Seth’s schedule big enough to take a show on the road seems to be nearly impossible based on all the projects he is involved with yet we must try.  We wouldn’t necessarily need him to go on the road as Seth could look at producing new events…although touring “Family Guy Live” is a dream. 

Turn on your TV.  There are ideas everywhere.




March 25, 2009

Redlight Leaves a Light On

Industry veteran Nick Light has joined Coran Capshaw’s Redlight Management team and will be heading up their touring division.  Nick spent the last bunch of years as VP of Touring and Artist development for Warner Bros.,  before doing a quick layover at Sony as part of the Rick Rubin restructuring.  We are glad it didn’t take long for Nick to resurface. 

Matlins CMO At Live Nation

Old news for sure at this point, but as mentioned as a rumor in one of our newsletters a few months back, Seth Matlins is now officially the Chief Marketing Officer for Live Nation.  Seth comes from CAA where he was one of the leaders of their marketing divsion working with brands such as Coke, eBay, Harley Davidson and Starwood Hotels (that’s probably why Starwood is now the official hotel chain for Live Nation).  Hats off to Live Nation for the effort…and good luck to Seth. 

Layaway For All

Turns out that the ticket layaway plan we’ve discussed a few times in the newsletter that AEG’s festival division is doing for their Stagecoach Country Music Festival is actually being implemented across all of their festivals.  So, fans can buy tickets and “pay as you go” for Coachella, New Orleans Jazz Fest, Mile High, Bumbershoot, and Rothbury festivals.  Nice job!  Innovation is the key to the success and growth of Live Entertainment.

U2’s New Stage

Speaking of innovation, U2 is headed back out this summer…and back into stadiums.  Their rig looks just amazing!!!  This is innovation…bringing a show to the people.  Say what you want about the band, this is really cool!

How Will We Build New Arena Acts?

You hear this question over and over again…and yet we aren’t paying attention.  Nine Inch Nails, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Nickleback, Greenday, Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam, Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Hanna Montana…all play arenas.  Wake-up…keep building. 

Speak with you soon…