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December 16, 2013

Jamie Loeb, VP Marketing, Nederlander Concerts spoke in an Aspen Live 2013 meeting for only 10-minutes…maybe less.  The impact is still to be measured.

While Jamie was discussing how easy it should be to have artists and promoters working together in the Social Media / Social Marketing space, Anita Elberse, our guest speaker and Professor at the Harvard Business School where she teaches a very popular class on entertainment and sports, asked me who Jamie was…thought she was very smart…would I make an intro?

Of course Anita is right (much more to come on her so stay tuned to upcoming LiveWorks Newsletters). Jamie is one of the best marketers in Live Music and you would and could argue all of Live Entertainment. She “obsesses over customers”, “tests and measures” (more from the Kristina Wallender from TicketFly’s talk on things we can learn from Amazon in upcoming newsletters), and finds ways to sell more tickets each year.  Jamie is always ahead of the curve, and whether we admit to it or not, end up following her lead into adding more and more weapons to our marketing arsenals.

What you may not know about Jamie is all the time and effort (along with others who will be covered in future newsletters) she puts into each year’s Aspen Live Conference.  We would be remorseful to not thank Jamie for all the organizing, input, and love she adds each year…and pays to attend on top.

Thank you very much Jamie!  You are certainly in our 1%’s club.

Want to know more about Jamie, Aspen Live 2014 and more, stay-tuned for upcoming Aspen Updates.



October 15, 2011

Another marketing tool you used to sell live entertainment in  many U.S. markets to help is Goldstar Events (full disclosure, they have been a LiveWorks client for the past 6-months  Actually it was Nederlander‘s Jamie Loeb that introduced many of us to the service… although I started out from the consumer side.

We had just moved to LA and were looking for things to do with our girls.  My cousin Annie suggested becoming Goldstar members since their site contained family friendly events in the area. We did.

Jump 4-years to last December.  Jamie recommended a few of Goldstar’s management team (CEO, Jim McCarthy and VP, Wendi Lebow) participate in the Aspen Live Conference  Once we saw their grassroots growth and marketing strategy (no advertising to hurt primary ticket sales), sales numbers…and most importantly, what they can mean to your bottom line (the service only takes 2% of sale for credit card transactions with zero risk… and the rest goes to the show) we were sold.  You will be too.

Goldstar has created a calculator for you to use to gauge impact.  It’s a mock-settlement from the Nokia Theatre in LA.  Although the scaling may be a little off (I haven’t settled an event @ the venue yet), all the numbers can be changed to fit your show.  Please send me an email for a copy and I’ll forward the Excel doc. 

Goldstar has been investing in our business for over 9-years now…growing market-by-market.  There are other “daily deal” type businesses (Goldstar is actually a marketplace rather than deal site) you can lump them in with, yet Goldstar sells only live entertainment to an audience looking for things to do.  In fact, 86% of Goldstar members search a city and date rather than a specific event or venue…thus creating event discovery versus cannibalizing your primary market. 

Music has been slow in embracing Goldstar due to discounting.  When many see the success other live entertainment has had with the service (Sports, Theatre, Family, even Cinema) they usually point out that there are multiple performances, games, etc, where a concert is just that one night.  If we were selling-out every show, they would have a point.  Unfortunately we don’t and if your event isn’t projected to go clean, you should be doing something to get you there. 

We are all looking out for the long term health of our business (or at least many are).  If you are going to what you call your “loyal customers” with a “special offer” to help boost ticket sales, you are doing just the opposite.  This is your primary market…your Alpha Consumer.  You are just training them to wait for a deal. 

To open new sales channels, we need to look at how other businesses market and sell their products.  Automobile manufacturers for example have regular scheduled sales events that consumers can count on…but also use other discounting methods (like auto sales websites) to drive leads and sales. 

 There is a reason many of us have gravitated to Goldstar.  Please take a look at what you are missing.



October 6, 2011

About a week ago I went to the Wiltern Theatre in LA to check-out these signs being used outside events to promote upcoming shows.  Think about the “sign spinners” on the side of the road advertising real estate.  In fact, the founder of Point Media Live, Angelo Giuliano, comes from an advertising and real estate background. 

Here’s a link to their Facebook page so you can see for yourself, but to truly understand their effect, you need to go and witness the reaction guests have. 

The signs are interactive with guests calling out the names of the acts…identify themselves as going to the show…or at least a fan of the bands’.  At the same time they aren’t intrusive like advertising or handing someone a flyer…don’t pollute or hurt the environment (like flyers do), last for the in-out and during the event to give you sustained marketing, have a person attached who can talk about what’s being advertised…and garner a lot of attention. 

This is another great sales tool brought to my attention by Nederlander‘s marketing goddess, Jamie Loeb.  If you haven’t tried this service yet, you should give Angelo a call.  My only suggestion (one Angelo and his team are in favor of), have a point of sale next to Point Media’s signs so you don’t miss an impulse buy.

You can also hear and see more on Angelo and his company Dec. 8-11 at the 16th Annual Aspen Live Conference.   You can register today @

Hope to see you soon!



November 15, 2010

A few years ago my cousin Annie turned me on to  Goldstar is a discounting ticketing company…of sorts, but only markets to its members.  Last week I got to sit-down with their head of Venue Relations Wendi Lebow to talk about their business.

It seems that the music industry is the slowest catching on to how great Goldstar really is.  Many managers and agents feel that if Goldstar has tickets for half the price of what a regular ticket costs, the consumer will just purchase from Goldstar.  That’s not how it works though.

You see, everyone who becomes a member of Goldstar is looking for a deal…or to be informed.  These are consumers that wouldn’t normally go to your concert, theatre performance or sporting event…but become aware of it through Goldstar.  To many of us, Goldstar actually helps sell full-priced tickets since the company markets to members based on their previous purchases and preferences.  Really they are the Amazon of ticket sales. 

Please let me encourage all of you to find ways to work with Goldstar.  You don’t have to give them every seat to sell…and can always add more if you need to.  The reality is that Goldstar is as much of a marketing tool as it is a ticket membership discounter.  Start working with them before your show goes on-sale and watch what happens.  Theatre and sports have had a lot of success working with them…and you can too.

For more information on Goldstar you can visit their website or hit me with an email and I will put you in-touch with them as Jamie Loeb from Nederlander did for me (she is a big fan too).

On another note, we are weeks away from the Aspen Live Conference and have gotten our special rates at our host hotels extended.  Please write or call for more info.

Speak with you soon!