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June 26, 2011

I’ve been scared to write.  I believe in transparency.  The idea that you can find someone on Facebook, LinkedIn, or through a Google search and learn almost everything you want about the person you’re interested in is a good thing.  Yet since last June’s Food & Music festivals, those that are owed money and believe me a crook write horrible things emails every time a new newsletter is posted. 

What sucks is that they are right.  It shouldn’t matter what the circumstances are, if you make a deal with someone, you stand by it.  Since last summer, some have been owed tens of thousands of dollars without seeing a penny…or a timeline for when they will get paid. People who worked hard, fronted money and believed in a concept…believed in me.  Without new investors and/or winning a few court cases, there is no money to pay anyone (restaurants, performers, vendors, crew, etc).  Since the newsletter seems to aggravate the situation, it seemed better to just try to work on what I can change…since you can’t change minds with words (well, maybe if you are Gandhi but not me) only action.

Here is what I do know.  In the internet age, there is no hiding.  In 20-plus years in the business, I’ve never stiffed anyone.  The plan isn’t to start now.  We will close with new investors and win a settlement or two in the process.  The brand isn’t the food festival, or any of the other projects over the years, it is Jim Lewi

I believe in the new things we are trying to create (especially the food and music festival), the old models that work (such as the Aspen Live Conference heading for year 16) and projects still on the drawing board.  A few big fumbles doesn’t make a player.  What you do with your career, life…how you conduct yourself moving forward, that’s what matters. 

It is taking much longer than it should, which is frustrating as hell, but everyone owed money will be paid.  If you are reading this and have your doubts, there are multiple plans in place to change your minds.  Till then, no more being scared to write the newsletter as trust is something earned and with transparency, there is no hiding.

See you soon…