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April 21, 2010

It is hard to write if you have nothing to say.  That’s why it has been so long since the last LiveWorks Newsletter. 

Today I was again reminded of creative and memorable advertising that we could easily create in Live and Branded Live Entertainment but somehow seem to always fall short.  Well if imitation really is the greatest form of flattery, why not just steal others ideas?

“It’s not that original but it’s super affordable…” is the line at the end of the new Burger King TV commercial for its sausage breakfast sandwich that’s a dead ringer for McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin.  In fact, the ad shows Bk’s character, “The King” breaking into McDonald’s headquarters and stealing the secret recipe for the mega-brand’s Sausage McMuffin with Egg.  Funny, smart, daring.

Will these spots end up selling more breakfast sandwiches for Burger King?  I’m betting yes.  Why, because the marketing message is extremely clear and simple.  We have exactly what they have, for less.  Most fast food consumers are also aware that Burger King’s are usually not as busy as McDonald’s restaurants so if the drive-thru looks crowded @ Mickie D’s, you just go down a few restaurants on fast food row to BK and try their new sausage sandwich. 

Now cut to one of our spots.  Are we selling American Express, the acts new record, Coors Light, one of three pre-sales, or tickets to the show?  Hopefully, none of the above.  If you aren’t creating an experience for your consumers, you will continue to get beat by companies out entertaining the entertainment business.  My friend Mike from Yes Dear Entertainment sent me an article stating that Apple is thinking about entering the ticketing business.  Hopefully they will create an iPod type device or some kind of tech gadget that holds paperless tickets, photos you can take and email to your friends of you at the show and other entertainment apps…just to continue to show us how to do our jobs and improve the guest experience. 

Just look at products like Flip Video.  This is the future and we are somehow missing it.  There are young people ready to change our business and we aren’t embracing them.   Entrepreneurs like Alex White from Next Big SoundBrent Smith from WME was talking with me about him today…about what his company is compiling and how that data is a gold mine for predicting future consumer spending, etc.  Plug in!

I’m more hopeful than ever that we can make a difference.  Of course it starts with a product…but for our shows out this spring and summer, let’s makes sure we spread the right message.  It is about the experience our guests will have if they come to our shows!  It isn’t the new single no one has heard, the sponsor no one cares about, or the promoter of the show… how long you’ve been in business, or anything else.  What’s the show, and how is your guest going to have a great time.  That’s your message!  Go spread the word!

Look forward to hearing from all of you as usual!  It is great to see our subscription list grow so much even when I’m not writing.

Thank you for reading and writing back!




February 24, 2010

This past December, leaders from Live Entertainment ascended on Aspen, CO for the 15th Annual Aspen Live Conference.   Since many of you weren’t able to attend (our capacity is 200 each year), here are some key points I took away from this year’s event that you can put into practice today to help grow your business.

PRIME THE PUMP – Let’s give guests real incentives for purchasing tickets early versus waiting to see if there will be a fire sale.  What if after your tickets went on-sale, they went up by a dollar each day?  That might be the extreme but certainly worth a try.

USE DATA LIKE AMAZON – If you are like me, you purchase books on  One of the great features of this site is each time you visit; they have recommendations just for you based on previous purchases.  This isn’t the same as spamming someone about one show because they bought tickets to another. 

FILM TRAILERS – The reason so many of us like film trailers are that they give us a good sense of what we are in for if we go see that movie.  Let’s do the same with our shows.  Bill Young Productions cut a Bon Jovi tour spot that is where we should be heading.

LOYALTY PROGRAMS – We need to be thinking differently here…maybe like the airlines.  Guests accrue benefits that they don’t pay for based on the number of shows they see…tickets they turn your friends on to, etc.  If you don’t keep-up, you lose your points.  Kick-ass and you may never have to pay for a show again. 

CULTURAL ANALYTICS – If you haven’t been introduced to Next Big Sound and Alex White, you should.  Essentially they have more data on the music business than you could dream of.  They follow the 6-major social networks…and well, see for yourself

MORE POWER TO FANS – We must make it easier to go from “I’m interested” to “I’m buying”.  That’s where new companies like Iggli come in.  Another company that everyone in Live should know. 

NEW REVENUE MODELS – This can get very complicated as it relates to paying talent, etc…but what if we charged by the car…or the count-up idea above where tickets cost a dollar more each day…or guests get bigger discounts the more tickets they purchase…you get the idea. 

We have a chance to really innovate in 2010…take chances.  You could start with some of the ideas above.

Thanks for reading and all the emails and feedback.  Please keep them coming!