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January 15, 2014

What do you do to create awareness for your shows?  Do the tickets sell right away or over a period of time?  Most importantly, how do we create word-of-mouth…something viral that spreads (doesn’t have to be a YouTube video)?  The truth is to have something great to offer.  But what if the product isn’t great?  What can you do creatively to make it more interesting, more “sneezable”, and more viral?

For instance, say you have an REO Speedwagon / Styx show.  Both acts have played your market every year for decades.  The acts (product) aren’t changing so what can you do to make the show special, your message unique, worth sharing?  The answer is creativity.   Jamming your show down the same marketing channels hoping for a different outcome is the definition of crazy.

Here is what my “man crush” Seth Godin had to say the other day about awareness…

“Our biggest problem is awareness”

If that’s your mantra, you’re working to solve the wrong problem.

If your startup, your non-profit or your event is suffering because of a lack of awareness, the solution isn’t to figure out some way to get more hype, more publicity or more traffic. Those are funnel solutions, designed to fix an ailing process by dumping more attention at the top, hoping more conversion comes out the bottom.

The challenge with this approach is that it doesn’t scale. Soon, you’ll have no luck at all getting more attention, even with ever more stunts or funding.

No, the solution lies in re-organizing your systems, in re-creating your product or service so that it becomes worth talking about. When you do that, your customers do the work of getting you more noticed. When you produce something remarkable, more use leads to more conversation which leads to more use.

No, it won’t be a perfect virus, starting with ten people and infecting the world. But yes, you can dramatically impact the ‘more awareness’ problem by investing heavily in a funnel that doesn’t leak, in a story that’s worth spreading.