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March 26, 2013

It isn’t very often that I write you to plug my projects and clients but sometimes the information feels important and should be shared.  With only 70% of your shows selling on average, let’s talk about Goldstar Events.

When many in the live business hear the word Goldstar, they think discounted tickets when their show or event is in trouble.  Yet that isn’t the business Goldstar is in.

The mission the founders (Jim McCarthy, Rich Webster, and Robert Graff) started with nearly 11-years ago remains the same today…GET PEOPLE TO GO OUT MORE.  Although prices are usually lower than full-price to entice members to try something new, 86% of those members are searching a date and city rather than a specific show or venue. Thus your shows are not cannibalized.

This is a fact, from the time I started working with Goldstar in 2011 till today, Goldstar marketing has only helped primary sales for your concerts and shows.  Never has there been one instance that I’m aware of, where there was a negative effect of any kind.

You get the biggest bang working with Goldstar when a) there is time to promote it properly (early is better than later), b) pricing and scaling make sense (please know that doesn’t mean every ticket @ 50%off…using the company’s Scale Power formula you could have seats as low as $5-off), c) You only market to those you get  permission from thus your open rates and numbers you’re reaching are much greater (Goldstar never spams), d) Although currently in 23-markets, you are best served where member penetration is the deepest…Los Angeles/Orange County, San Francisco, New York, Boston, DC, Chicago, San Diego and San Jose.

On average, 30% of the inventory at your shows goes unsold.  That means once you settle the show, any seat not sold is worth $0. Why would you do that when Goldstar can move those tickets for you…increasing your show gross…not to mention ancillaries without doing anything to upset your primary market?

If you have questions, comments, whatever, please send them to me @…and check out



April 8, 2009

We had another great turnout for this month’s meeting of ” The Aspen Dinner Club” last Thursday in Los Angeles.  I got glowing reports back from NY, Austin, and Indy…and we are talking about adding San Francisco and Boston next month.  You don’t have to be in Live Entertainment or Music to be a part.  All are welcome.  So last Thursday, Gang, Tyre, Ramer, and Brown’s Gene Salomon brought someone from the TV business.

Gene’s friend was from Mark Burnett Productions and his energy was infectious.  We spent the most time talking about how “everyone wants to make deals right now in Hollywood”.  It was an interesting observation.  Although there was “no money”, there was content that needed to be distributed and actors, directors, and so on that needed to be paid.  So some money was better than none.  Deals were being made.  Can’t we do that in our business too?

Live Entertainment suffers from small marketing budgets relative to the entertainment dollars we compete for with the likes of video games and the movie business (# 2 advertiser).  Brands have trouble getting their message heard but have real marketing budgets.  We should be getting deals done just like the TV and movie businesses. 

Although “it’s not about the money, it’s about the money”…it doesn’t always have to be about the money.  It can be about bringing in the money.  Let’s try partnering with corporate America rather than waiting for them to write a check…although I’ll never turn-down money.

Speak with you soon…



March 3, 2009

Getting people together to talk, sharing ideas and information, innovation, creating change, helping one another, and of course networking is what the Aspen Dinner Club is all about.  The idea is to take the spirit of the Aspen Live Conference to cities across the country on a monthly (depending on where you live) basis.  We will always try and pick places that are centrally located and inexpensive.  Here is what you need to know for this week.


LOS ANGELES – Village Pizzeria – 6363 Yucca Street – Los Angeles, CA 90028 – (323) 790-0793 – Jim Lewi is your organizer in the LA area (310) 385-2800 or  Please note that the owner asked us to move to the Hollywood location, not the Hancock Park location originally announced. 

NEW YORK – John’s Pizza – 260 West 44th Street (Times Square area) – New York, NY 10036 – (212) 391-7560 – Gayle Miller is your organizer in the NY area (914) 237-5910 or

I did receive interest but need leaders and meeting places in the cities listed below…plus any others interested please hit me back with an email. 










Please try and RSVP if you plan on attending or can act as an organizer, but the most important thing is that you are there. 

Talk with you soon…






February 17, 2009

The top news story around the U.S. today was General Motors and Chrysler’s presentation of their turnaround plan, and the need for an additional $21.6 billion in federal loans.  Of course everyone knew the car companies were coming back to Capital Hill with their hand out.  The question is, are they really making the changes needed to be competitive? 

Based on the advertising the big three American auto companies have been running, change isn’t coming fast enough…even from Ford who hasn’t taken money yet.  Why would car companies talk about vehicles being sale priced but  then “exclude all hybrid models”?  These are the same vehicles they are supposed to be promoting!  Isn’t the idea to sell as many cars as possible?  Wouldn’t sale pricing the Ford Escape Hybrid make sense even if that model is selling well?  If you are Ford, don’t you want as many on the street as possible?

So here is the deal…The Agency Group Events & Entertainment (  is producing “The Great American Food Festival” (working title) which brings together the best in classic American food and entertainment.   Hosted by Bobby Flay, guests will sample the best hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, barbecue, and ice cream in America, while being entertained by celebrity chefs and great musicians.  The event will feature the best food and music in America, all together in one place for the first time ever.  Our inaugural event takes place on Saturday, June 13th at the Shoreline Amphitheatre outside San Francisco.  We are offering “Presenting Sponsorship” to Detroit at NO CHARGE!  That’s right, American Auto can sponsor the event by just “promoting it as a place for consumers to see first-hand the changes they are making.” 

Once we knock June 13th out of the park, count on a full-blown tour in 2010.  Detroit, it is yours strictly on barter…NO SPONSORSHIP FEE!

For more information, please call me at (310) 385-2800.

Thanks and talk with you soon…