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January 15, 2014

What do you do to create awareness for your shows?  Do the tickets sell right away or over a period of time?  Most importantly, how do we create word-of-mouth…something viral that spreads (doesn’t have to be a YouTube video)?  The truth is to have something great to offer.  But what if the product isn’t great?  What can you do creatively to make it more interesting, more “sneezable”, and more viral?

For instance, say you have an REO Speedwagon / Styx show.  Both acts have played your market every year for decades.  The acts (product) aren’t changing so what can you do to make the show special, your message unique, worth sharing?  The answer is creativity.   Jamming your show down the same marketing channels hoping for a different outcome is the definition of crazy.

Here is what my “man crush” Seth Godin had to say the other day about awareness…

“Our biggest problem is awareness”

If that’s your mantra, you’re working to solve the wrong problem.

If your startup, your non-profit or your event is suffering because of a lack of awareness, the solution isn’t to figure out some way to get more hype, more publicity or more traffic. Those are funnel solutions, designed to fix an ailing process by dumping more attention at the top, hoping more conversion comes out the bottom.

The challenge with this approach is that it doesn’t scale. Soon, you’ll have no luck at all getting more attention, even with ever more stunts or funding.

No, the solution lies in re-organizing your systems, in re-creating your product or service so that it becomes worth talking about. When you do that, your customers do the work of getting you more noticed. When you produce something remarkable, more use leads to more conversation which leads to more use.

No, it won’t be a perfect virus, starting with ten people and infecting the world. But yes, you can dramatically impact the ‘more awareness’ problem by investing heavily in a funnel that doesn’t leak, in a story that’s worth spreading.





October 13, 2013

In a perfect world, we would put our shows on-sale and they’d sellout. In reality, with few exceptions, that’s not what happens…and one reason why I’m part of the Goldstar team.

Goldstar’s mission is to get members to go out more…try new things…while helping partners sell every seat in the house.  And that’s what CEO Jim McCarthy’s new blog is all about, “Selling Out”.

Jim said “we’ve launched this site as a resource and tool for everybody whose job is to create, market or manage live entertainment. I’m your host, and I’ll write some things. We’ll also have guest contributors and links to useful info and articles elsewhere, and hopefully you’ll participate, too. If we do this right, we’ll all learn from each other.”

Please go to  Sign-up to receive the blog via email…and if you have something to share, do that! I’ll see you there!







November 15, 2010

A few years ago my cousin Annie turned me on to  Goldstar is a discounting ticketing company…of sorts, but only markets to its members.  Last week I got to sit-down with their head of Venue Relations Wendi Lebow to talk about their business.

It seems that the music industry is the slowest catching on to how great Goldstar really is.  Many managers and agents feel that if Goldstar has tickets for half the price of what a regular ticket costs, the consumer will just purchase from Goldstar.  That’s not how it works though.

You see, everyone who becomes a member of Goldstar is looking for a deal…or to be informed.  These are consumers that wouldn’t normally go to your concert, theatre performance or sporting event…but become aware of it through Goldstar.  To many of us, Goldstar actually helps sell full-priced tickets since the company markets to members based on their previous purchases and preferences.  Really they are the Amazon of ticket sales. 

Please let me encourage all of you to find ways to work with Goldstar.  You don’t have to give them every seat to sell…and can always add more if you need to.  The reality is that Goldstar is as much of a marketing tool as it is a ticket membership discounter.  Start working with them before your show goes on-sale and watch what happens.  Theatre and sports have had a lot of success working with them…and you can too.

For more information on Goldstar you can visit their website or hit me with an email and I will put you in-touch with them as Jamie Loeb from Nederlander did for me (she is a big fan too).

On another note, we are weeks away from the Aspen Live Conference and have gotten our special rates at our host hotels extended.  Please write or call for more info.

Speak with you soon!



August 7, 2009

The idea of the last LiveWorks Newsletter was to point out how innovators like C3, Goldenvoice/AEG Live, Superfly/Ashley Capps/Coran Capshaw, CAA, William Morris, Madison House…and Kevin Lyman have changed the landscape of the U.S. Concert Business through their festival development…and challenges the rest of us to try to live-up to their example.  So when I first saw a few jumping on Kid Rock’s bandwagon to tear Kevin down (in my mind Rock was the only one who should have been dissing and even he admits that he likes Kevin), my blood pressure started rising fast (those of you who know me have seen that before).  But then…Lefsetz started posting the flood (only way to describe it) of support for Kevin Lyman.

It was heartwarming to see so many bands, managers, agents, promoters, sponsors, fans…everyone say WE LOVE KEVIN… AND THIS IS WHY vs. ARTHUR FOGEL IS A LIAR (which we still saw too much of).  Here are some facts to chew on…

1) The U2 tour is doing very well whether you like their new album or not.  They are an amazing live band, always do groundbreaking production,  and unless you are in the box office counting the drop every-night, you shouldn’t be commenting on other’s ticket sales (unless you are Bob Lefsetz as he is our business’s commentator and conscious…and the reason we have these dialogues in the first place).

2) A new trend the business is seeing, and adapting to as much as possible is seating preferences.  P1 seats continue to sell in this economy.  So do P3’s and beyond.  P2’s not so much.  What you might see in a stadium concert is a show that is 98% sold-out and still has an empty section that looks like it is down-front. Just because the promoter/building/band wants to fill it in, doesn’t mean the show didn’t make money, and most of the capacity sold.  Maybe I’m totally wrong, but if you don’t know for sure, don’t call someone a liar!

3) Like the Festival Producers listed above,Arthur Fogel has changed our industry.  Bono and Madonna think he is the rock star!  He basically owns the top of the box score artists.  If you are talking shit about
Arthur, you are just jealous or pissed!  Me, I would rather do business with him than not. 

4) In case you haven’t noticed over the past couple of days, The Lefsetz Letter has us all talking.  Managers, agents, promoters, lawyers, business managers, label people, sponsors, fans, even rock stars (although I’m not sure if Madonna knows that Bob actually types on a computer and doesn’t write with a pen…but even she is talking about his fishing tackle).  Ok, so he doesn’t always get the facts perfect…but I don’t think that’s the point.  Bob, like the rest of us wants to see change for the positive.  Sometimes he needs to say things in a certain way to piss people off and get them talking (he never told me that but I’m guessing it is the case). 

With the way the world sits right now, our business should be pulling together instead of knocking each other down.  We should be encouraging Kevin Lyman and those like him to continue to innovate and create new vehicles.  It was awesome the way everyone wrote to Bob to tell “Kevin stories”.  We should all encourage and take part in the fun debate that happens as part of the Lefsetz Letter.  We should do the same for anyone who is trying to make a difference!

Hope you have a great weekend…and sell tickets (instead of giving them away)!

Speak with you soon…